Do small groups need a leader?

The Goals of the Instructional Program However, in order to make decisions that are in the best interests of the group as a whole, leaders in the group are frequently required. There are situations in which the group decides to designate a single individual as the head of the organization. An organization such as a party planning committee that chooses one of its members to serve as the leader of the year is an illustration of a leader that is appointed rather than elected. Your walk with God can advance to the next level with the help of these resources on prayer, devotionals, and other methods for fostering personal and spiritual development.

Without having faith in God, it is impossible to effectively manage a small group of people. Since God is the One who brings about changes in people's lives, it stands to reason that He should take the lead in this process. God alone has the ability to bring individuals into your small group, shape the character of those individuals, and forge relationships that are profound and life-changing. Due to the fact that God is the one responsible for our development, the first step in this kind of labor is to pray.

When it comes to the planning and preparation for our small groups, prayer is frequently the last thing that comes to mind. In the nick of time, we join together in a prayer that covers everything and asks God to look favorably on the preparations that have been made. Your expectation and prayer should be that the size of your current small group will continue to grow to the point that it will need to be divided into two distinct groups, and that either your current co-leader or one of your apprentices will volunteer to take control of the second of these groups. Prayer has the capacity to either act as the glue that holds a small group together or the barrier that keeps other people from joining in on the fellowship.

On the one hand, the personal revelations that are frequently made during times of prayer have the power to draw individuals closer together. On the other hand, prayer might be a challenge for individuals who are just beginning their exploration of Christianity or who are curious about the faith. People may not want to return to school if they are made to feel as though they are under pressure to pray out loud, which may take place even if you do not specifically ask them to do so. See the article "How to Run a Prayer Meeting" for additional suggestions on the ways in which you and your organization can incorporate prayer into your activities.

As leaders of smaller groups, it is not our responsibility to cultivate meaningful connections with each and every member of the larger group. Not only is it a dangerous thing to do, but doing so is also bad for your health.